Erkam Murat Bozkurt, M.Sc. in Control Systems Engineering, Istanbul / Turkey

Istanbul / Turkey


Developer's ORCID ( Open Researcher and Contributor ID ): 0000-0003-3690-2770


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Pcynlitx platform has been developed by Mr Erkam Murat Bozkurt which lives in Istanbul/Turkey. He has graduated from Fırat university, Electrical-Electronic Engineering Division, Control Systems Major with B.Sc. Then, he has started his M.Sc study in the area of Control Systems Engineering and he has graduated from Istanbul Technical University ( ITU ), Control System Engineering Division with M. Sc Degree. He has deep knowledge on control systems theory ( linear time invariant systems, feed-back control of dynamical systems, autonomous systems etc ). His research interests mainly focus on the application of the control theory to the software systems, software cybernetics, autonomic computing systems, system programming, multi-core programming and meta programming.

In addition, he is also the autor of the some remarkable publicatons that has been published on IEEE conferences. These publicatons has been listed in below. Beside to this, He has introduced some research reports for his own initiative about the utilization control of internet servers to the official research institution in Turkey and has been developed many sofware in C/C++ platorms. His programming skills can be summurized as: C, C++, Java, C#, Linux System Programming, Win32 system call interface, Multi-Threaded Programming, Bash Scripting, PowerShell .


Erkam Murat Bozkurt, The Usage of Cybernetics in Software Development and its applications to the Multithreading ( Its under review )

E M Bozkurt and M T Söylemez (2007, 6), "The Efect of Distance between Open Loop Poles and Closed – Loop Poles on the Numerical Accuracy of Pole Assignment", the 15th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automaton (MED'07), Athens, Greece, IEEE, T19-020

E M Bozkurt and M T Söylemez (2007, 7), "The Efect of Real Pole Rato on the Performance of Pole Assignment Algorithms", European Control Conference (ECC'07), Kos, Greece, pp 1082-1087

Bozkurt, E. M., and M.T Söylemez, The Numerical Analysis of the Pole Assignment Problem Natonal Conference of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, Bursa, Turkey.


Pcynlitx Project: Pcynlitx is a trademark of Erkam Murat Bozkurt and it is a free and open source software platform. Pcynlitx is licenced with GNU GPLv3 open source software license. Currently, there is no any supporter of the project and the platform is developed by Erkam Murat Bozkurt based on his personel effort.