Introduction to Pcynlitx Installation

Currently, Pcynlitx only works on GNU/ Linux based operating systems. Windows and macOS versions will be developed as soon as possible. The pcynlitx is installed directly from the command line interface. The install scripts automatically download related installation packages from the project repository and perform all of the required operations for you. For the installation, root privilege is required. The type of installation packages and their installation scripts are given in below.


Ubuntu and its derivatives


Fedora / Redhat






Some extra instructions for debian installation

In fedora, ubuntu and their derivatives, you can directly install the platform with install scripts. However, in debian, the users are not in the "sudo" list in default. Therefore, in order to provide root privilege, at first, su command must be used. Then, you can run file as root user. If you have already added the user to the "sudoers" file, you can run the installation script directly. If you want to add the user to the sudo list you can use command which is given in below.

usermod -a -G sudo username

If the "usermod" command is not your current path, you must enter the exact path of usermod command as root.

/usr/sbin/usermod -a -G sudo username

You must enter your default user name to the place in which depicted as "username".

Installation of the packages

You can directly download the installation files from the links given in below.

The installation file for ubuntu : " "

The installation file for debian : " "

The installation file for fedora : " "

Alternatively, you can directly download the packages and install with the commands that are given in below.

Ubuntu : sudo apt-get install ./pcynlitx_ubuntu.deb

Debian : sudo apt-get install ./pcynlitx_debian.deb

Fedora : sudo dnf install pcynlitx_fedora.rpm

In pcynlitx, wxWidgets library is used as user interface toolkit. Thus, on the installation process, basic wxWidgets tools are installed by the installation script. In addition, some fonts and “evince pdf reader” are installed by the installation script.

If you want, you can also download the installation script from the project repository.

Project Repository

Uninstall Pcynlitx

You can uninstall ( remove ) the pcynlitx with the commands given in below

Ubuntu : sudo apt-get remove pcynlitx

Debian : sudo apt-get remove pcynlitx

Fedora : sudo dnf remove pcynlitx

Clonning the project source codes :

If you want to constribute the project, you can clone the source code directory from the project repository. In order to clone the project, please open the terminal and type the command that is given in below ( It is assumed that git version control system is used as version control system and it has been already installed ).